The Last Night

The Last Night

“She’s not just my mother, She’s my friend.” 

By: Bern Nadette Stanis

In 2008, Mom and I were sitting on the bed talking, and I told her I wanted to write a book about her. I said,

“Mom, I want to tell your story so that people all over the world will know what a sweet, gentle, loving, smart, protective and wonderful mother you are, not just to me, but to all of your children and grandchildren. If I don’t tell this story no one will know what a special life we had, and still have.”

The idea was that she and I would be sitting side by side, signing our books together. I was traveling the country with my other books at that time, and I took my mom with me to every book signing. People were very excited to meet her, and they would ask her questions about me and how she felt having a daughter who was on TV. I thought it would be great if she had her life and how she got me on the show Good Times. Mom seemed to really like the idea too, but little did we know that would never happen.

Alzheimer’s was moving in on us faster than we could form the ideas and organize the book. It took Mommy’s life from us, but it will never take her spirit from us. My mother will live on through the lessons she has taught me and by sharing stories of her wonderful life. I pray this book helps others to deal with this disease and that we will learn more about its cause and hopefully one day find its cure.

My mother died October 6th, 2011. I started writing a few lines of this book at that time, but every time I would write a page or so I could’t finish my paragraph, sentence or thought without crying. I told myself, “If I don’t continue through this pain, this book will never get done.” I had writer’s block and I didn’t know how I was going to make it through to the book’s completion.

Then I remembered a story I tell the children when I go to their schools and speak to them. I tell them they can accomplish their dreams if they believe that they can and they have determination to continue through the obstacles that may face them. I took my own advice and believed that I would write this book for those who struggle with seeing their loved one suffering in any way through a monstrous disease of any kind. May you travel with me through The Last Night-Caregiver’s Journey Through Transition and Beyond.  

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