Alzheimer’s Awareness

My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, a disease I call the “Monster in the mind”. I knew something was going on but it was only slight forgetfulness of things. I really noticed a change when she stopped cooking. She would always order in. Her clothes were not put together the way I knew she could, and her hair was untidy. I decided it was time for my mom to come live with my family and me. We were all eager to have her because my family and I had discussed this many times before. I watched mom go from a person very concerned about everything to a person less and less concerned. That’s the way it appears but her love and concern for me remained throughout.

Mom has always been my absolute best friend and she has always called me her psychologist. Our relationship throughout my life has been a very special one. Everyone in our family always knew it was me and mom on everything, mother and daughter and best friends.

This disease is a hurtful one because you miss the way things were, but if you accept the way things change you can still have a great time together as we did. I was mom’s caregiver, and I made adjustments as we went along. I have cried for us both but mother in her deep wisdom always knew how to dry my tears. She would say, “You are a good person. You’ll make it. You’ll be alright”. Can you imagine? Now this is a mother’s love……. and a daughter’s joy.

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